Anu PrabhalaWe all seek a place of peace in life—call it happiness, fulfillment, or meaningfulness. To me, arriving here hinges upon two things: training our mind—the seat of control of our life—and learning to listen more to our inner wise guide or our Self. I am a writer who shares my daily spiritual approach to life—nothing lofty, but fun and accessible nuggets meant to help you approach life with meaning. I speak 6 languages, have traveled the world, and grew up at the epicenter of many cultures and religions. My day job is as a Senior Writer at the World Bank where I develop articles and blogs on issues at the heart of poverty and development, and help senior leaders write about their meaningful work in alleviating poverty in developing countries. Through my work, travels, and life, I have come to truly believe that the world is a small place, and that we are all more alike than different. So, I hope the nuggets of humanity in the stories I share bring a fresh layer of understanding and acceptance to your life.